Best Dog Leads For Staffys


Staffy Dog Leads*With great power comes great responsibility!* Staffordshire Bull Terriers are well-known for their agile nature and strength so when it comes to taking your Staffy for his daily exercise, you need to think carefully about which is the best type of dog lead for him or her. You want them to enjoy themselves but also to be able to control them when necessary which is why it is your duty as the owner to find a Staffy lead that is suitable for your powerful four-legged friend.

Staffies need a great amount of daily exercise to use up their seemingly endless energy and make sure they socialise with people and other dogs. The best way to make sure your dog understands your role as owner and master is to take him or her out using the best lead for Staffies.

Different dogs need different leads, just like they do different types of food, amount of activity, affection, grooming, etc. That is why there is a huge selection of Staffy leads available with varying features that suit distinct dogs.

With so many categories of leads for Staffies on the market, it’s difficult to know where to start and how to decide what’s best for your best friend! The following guide gives you a comprehensive run-down of the must-know information about the best dog leads for Staffordshire Bull Terriers so you can make the right choice.

Best Dog Leads For Staffies

There are thousands of dog leads on the market, so we’ve made a selection of some of the best dog leads for a Staffy so you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of websites or try out a new lead a week as you learn what your Staffy needs.

Barkswell Premium 3-in-1 Strong Dog Lead

Barkswell Premium Dog LeadThe top pick of the best Staffy leads available is the Barkswell Premium 3-in-1 Strong Dog Lead. With a soft, traffic control handle for your comfort and safety, this winning lead is an excellent choice for all your dog walking needs. It comes as so much more than a lead and all for under £20. The Barkswell Premium 3-in-1 has reflective stitching for better night time control and can be used in 3 different ways to satisfy different needs.

The 3 uses include a standard 3.5 foot rope leash to be employed individually for everyday use, a bungee extension for extra room to roam and a premium shock-absorbing extension lead.



Best standard leads for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Out of the various standard-type leads we have investigated, the most effective, practical day-to-day lead is the HALTI Premium Lead, at an exceptionally reasonable price. The HALTI Premium lead offers great quality and comfort both for dog and owner with a reflective band for night time use. Easily cleaned with just a wipe down due to its neoprene material, the HALTI lead is lightweight and durable for long-term use.

HALTI Premium Lead

HALTI Premium LeadEnjoy taking your Staffy out for his or her daily strolls with the best standard lead.



Best Rope Leads For staffs

This category came in at a tie. The best rope leads must be strong and durable but also comfortable which is why these two choices are our favourite rope leads for Staffies:

U-picks Rope Dog Lead

U-picks Rope Dog Lead

The Rope Dog Lead with Soft Padded Handle and High Reflective Threads is a 5ft-long durable rope lead that is available in 6 different colours for all kinds and sizes of dog.  This dog leash is made of mountain climbing nylon braided rope which makes it exceptionally strong and perfect for muscular Staffordshire Bull Terriers.



Bymia Homemade Rope Dog lead

Bymia Homemade Rope Dog leadThe other of our top picks for rope leads for Staffies is the Dog leash rope for large dogs: Heavy Duty Strong Rope and Genuine Leather Dog Training Lead which is handmade and elegant for both style and practicality for your powerful Staffy. Often used for working and service dogs due to the high quality and professional grade material.


Choose one of the best rope leads to use on your daily walks and exercise program with your Staffy.

Best hands-free leads

Barkswell Hands Free Running Dog Lead

Barkswell Hands Free Dog Lead

If you like to get more active on your daily activities with your dog, you could try the Barkswell Hands Free Running Dog Lead which allows you to strap yourself in and get going for a daily jog or run beside your canine pal. Much more than just a hands-free lead, this choice comes with a reflective, adjustable belt and offers a shock-absorbing leash for dogs weighing up to 60kg. Additionally, it offers a zipped pouch with 2 separate compartments for dog treats, poop bags or for your personal belongings.



Best multifunctional leads

For a more diverse dog leash, try out the best multifunctional lead for Staffies, available in 3 different sizes. The Multi-functional Dog Leash Adjustable Rope Durable Nylon Pet Leash is great for walking or running with up to 2 dogs at a time!

Petcomer Multi functional Dog lead

Made with hard-wearing nylon to ensure durability with alloy hooks and buckles. The reflective material allows for night walks or runs and it has been manufactured to be comfortable for all kinds of uses including training.


Types of dog leads

The variations in dog leads available today are numerous, beginning with the material used, to the length and even leads for different purposes. The following can help dog owners get a better understanding of the kinds of Staffy leads you can buy.

Standard dog leads

A standard dog lead is a classic style leash with no frills, none of the extra attachments or elements that other types of dogs’ leads have. If your Staffy is a no-fuss kinda-dog, a genuine standard lead could be the thing for you.

Usually made from rope or nylon, the standard dog lead does the job to get your dog from A to B with no hassle. Standard dog leads come in different lengths and do sometimes have the added feature of reflective material so they can be used in low-light conditions.

Retractable leads

Retractable leads are best for dog owners who already show control with their dog and they’re highly popular due to the amount of flexibility they offer. However, owners should be aware that giving nearly unlimited freedom to roam on the leash is not best for puppies or Staffies in training because they will get used to this independence quickly.

The Flexi Design Retractable Lead is an excellent option for Staffordshire Bull Terriers because it is resistant and durable. Additionally, this stylish and practical dog lead is available in different sizes and colours to suit your Staffy down to the last detail.

Hands Free

Hands-free dog leads are those that can be connected to different body parts, ideal for runners! A more recent trend, running with your dog on a hands-free lead allows both pet and owner to get the exercise they need in a fun and dynamic way together.

Most hands-free dog leads are fabricated to be tied or attached around the waist or sometimes diagonally from shoulder to hip. These practical outdoor inventions are both an exceptional tool for bonding and for promoting activity, something that is very important for an energetic Staffy.

Training Leads

A little more costly but well worth it are training leads. Training leads for dogs allow owners to take out untrained pups and older dogs who need to re-schooled and educate them in how to act on a lead, around other dogs and different types of people.

Staffies generally love children, it’s in their nature to be tender and playful. But this can mean they get a little excited sometimes around kids and may need to learn how to act around the little ones. This is where training leads are exceptionally useful for Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

One of the best is the Dog Training Lead for Dogs and Puppies which offers two different lengths depending on the size and the type of training you want to perform. With a barrel handle to protect your skin from the nylon lead when your pup makes a dash for something, this training lead is of superior quality and comes with a handy storage bag too!


There are many materials that have been used over the years to produce dog leads but the best dog leads for Staffordshire Bull Terriers are made of either nylon, rope, leather or metal chains or sometimes a mix of these.

  • Nylon: Lightweight, durable and designed to be used in all weather – perfect for the unpredictable British climate. Nylon is also very flexible and strong which makes it a perfect choice for high-energy dogs like Staffies.
  • Rope: Long-lasting and resistant, rope leads are very comfortable for different breeds of dog. Sturdy rope leads also have a fashionable essence to them and can be mixed and matched if you like to kit your Staffy out with different accessories.
  • Leather: High-quality, thick leads, made from leather, are another option for some of the best dog leads for Staffies. Leather is durable and very elegant.

One of our favourites is the PETBABA Leather Dog Lead because of the high-grade quality of the material used, to make this one of the best dog leads for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This leather dog lead is especially designed for medium to large dogs so it is ideal for adult Staffies. In addition to the durability and easy-grip handle, this dog lead option will stand the test of time with your Staffy.

  • Chain: Metal chain leads for dogs are long-lasting and heavy-duty for stronger, bigger breeds. Sometimes, Staffordshire Bull Terriers might need a lead made from chain if they are prone to chewing their leads.

A sturdy chain dog lead that is highly recommended as one of the best dog leads for Staffies is the Kaka mall Heavy Duty Metal Dog Chain. Available in 3 different sizes for a very affordable price, with a foam-padded handle for extra comfort. Protected against rust and breakage, this chain lead is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum strength.

Tips on walking your dog on the lead

Walking your Staffy on the lead comfortably and in control is truly an art. It is not simply a case of attaching your four-legged friend to his or her leash and letting them drag you along! It is essential that you show your dog how they should act when out and about on the lead. The following are some top tips for walking a Staffy on the lead:

  • Always lead! You should always be the first to take a step, the first to go through a doorway and the one in front. You need to show your furry friend that you are the leader and the leash is an extension of your leadership. They are to walk behind you or beside you at most.
  • Keep the lead short. In order to maintain this control as the ‘pack leader’, you should choose a short lead for your Staffy so they don’t get used to roaming off on their own. When you take them for a walk, they need to be kept within a short distance of you.
  • Reward your pet. When your pet is learning to walk on the lead and they are able to recognise your guidance and instructions, remember to treat them with dog biscuits or with compliments and reassurance. It’s vital to show them that they’re doing well.


After much investigation, our personal favourite of the best dog leads for Staffies has to be the all-round top pick: the Barkswell Premium 3-in-1 dog lead, because of its versatility. An exceptional choice as the best lead for Staffordshire Bull Terriers to accompany their strength and active nature.

If your canine buddy is a fan of chewing through their lead, a chain material might be best or if you like to get active with your Staffy to use up some of his or her endless energy, you might be best suited to a multifunctional or hands-free style lead.

Make sure to find the most appropriate leash for your furry friend so he or she can be as comfortable as possible when you’re out and about together. It is vital for your relationship with your Staffy to invest in a high-quality, durable lead that will fit his or her needs perfectly.