How To Train A Staffy Puppy To Sit

Train Staffy Puppy To Sit
Image via Flickr: Charles clout

Teaching the ‘sit’ cue to a Staffy puppy is always a great place to start when embarking on any form of training. It is the corner stone of basic obedience training and the ‘sit’ command can be highly useful in many situations. Such as on the side of the road before crossing, having your Staffordshire Bull Terrier wait in front of a bowl of food, when someone is coming into your home or before you put the lead on. There list is endless and it is a training command that everyone should start off with.

How To Teach A Staffy Puppy To Sit

Teaching sit to your Staffy puppy can be easy and stress free by following these steps:

  1. Start by holding a high end treat just in front of his nose and don’t do anything until he sits. The key here is to let him work out what he needs to do. He will probably try other things first such as pawing, licking or looking at you buyt be patient and wait till he sits on the floor on his own without guidance from you.
  2. As soon as he does sit then give him the treat.
  3. Repeat this until your Staffie is sitting reliably and then start intruding the word ‘sit’ when you present the treat.
  4. Make sure you only train your Staffie in short increments so your Staffie does not get bored.


Teaching Sit To A Staffy Puppy Video

Below you can find an excellent video showing exactly how to do the above steps when attempting to teach a Staffy puppy to sit. We are a big fan of Victoria Stillwell and highly recommend her training techniques!

So there we have it! Teaching sit to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy is pretty easy and there isn’t to much too it. Once you have mastered that training command then come back and check out our other training techniques for Staffies.


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