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Recommended Products & Supplies For Staffordshire Bull terriers

So, you are thinking about getting a Staffy, or already have one at home brightening up your life. As a responsible owner (or potential one!), we are sure that you want the very best for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Luckily for you, we at The staffordshire Bull Terrier have come up with a veritable banquet of the crème de la crème of products for your dog.

Whether it be dog collars, a dog harness, the best dog lead for Staffiesdog food or treats, indestructible dog toys and chews, we have collected together lists of the very best of what is on the market for Staffies. There are products to suit all budgets (and all Staffords!), hopefully some of which will become valuable resources for you and your furry friend.

Read on for the low-down on everything fabulous for your Staffy!

Collars for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog CollarsEvery Staffie needs a dog collar. Not only because they are useful for attaching leads, but also because it is against the law to take your Stafford out into a public place without a collar and ID tag in a lot of countries, including the UK.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different collars on the market with multiple designs and materials. What you choose is up to you, but bear in mind your dog’s comfort and safety. You want a collar that will not impede neck movement, and will fit so that you can place a couple of fingers between their neck and the collar itself.

Never use pinch or spiked collars. They will cause immense discomfort and distress to your dog, potentially cause behavioural problems and will destroy the trust between you and your dog


Harnesses for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog HarnessNot all Staffordshire Bull Terriers will need a harness, especially if they are good walking on the lead and do not pull. Staffies are sturdy things, so pulling on a lead can not only cause harm to their neck, but also to your arms!  In cases such as these, and when you are training Staffy puppies, a harness is often a great solution.

Not only do harnesses offer more resistance to pulling and cause less discomfort, they can also help you prevent your dog from jumping up, or getting tangled in long leads.


Leads for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog leads for Staffordshire Bull TerriersLeads are an essential piece of kit for the discerning Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner.  Being able to walk your dog on the lead is one of the joys of dog ownership. A lead is a massive help whilst training a puppy or dog to learn to obey obedience commands and can help you keep your Staff safe.

There are a variety of different types of leads, from a simple length of rope to a hi-tec bungee type non-pull lead. Remember that a lead should be the right size for your dog, and should never place undue pressure on their neck. For this reason, avoid ‘choke’ or ‘slip’ chains as these cause pain, behavioural problems and can damage your dog’s body.

Dog Beds For Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog Beds For Staffordshire Bull TerriersEvery dog needs a bed. That bed can be a luxury palace made of velvet and dog treats or a simple blanket at the end of the sofa. Purpose made dog beds are usually a safe bet in providing your dog with the space, comfort and solitude it sometimes needs.

Everybody needs a place of their own, and a dog bed is a great way to offer your Staffy their very own spot for ‘me time’.

Your dog’s bed should be placed out of the way of the the hustle and bustle of home and have a soft, cushioned bottom so that your Stafford can take the strain off of their legs and joints. Hard bottomed plastic beds are great for cleaning purposes, just make sure you pop a blanket or cushion in the bottom of it to your Staffy can snuggle ‘til his heart’s content.


Dog Treats Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog TreatsMmm, treats!  Most of us have seen the classic dog ‘head tilt’ at the mention of the t-r-e-a-t word. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are like any other breed in that if it is tasty and smells good, they will jump at the chance to eat it.

All dogs require a nutritious, healthy diet to ensure that they are at their most fighting fit, but treats can be a great tool for training and helping you bond with your dog. Just as we would enjoy the odd chocolate bar or ice-cream every now and again, your dog will love you for the odd tasty treat when he has been a good boy.

Treats can come in a variety of packages. There are of course the commercially made ones, but there are also human food treats, such as cheese and frankfurters that will get your Staffie salivating. If you REALLY want to be the most awesome Stafford owner ever, you can even make your own!


Chew Toys for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog Chew ToysStaffordshire Bull Terriers, like other dog breeds, love to chew. Chew toys are a Stafford owners best friend when it comes to preventing shoes, furniture and even you from being chewed.

Chew toys are a great distraction for dogs and can keep even the most ‘chewy’ Staff entranced for hours. As with all things that will potentially end up in your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s mouth, please check any labels to ensure that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals, or small detachable pieces that could become a health hazard for your canine friend.

Staffies have strong jaws, so tough, durable chew toys are a must for adult dogs. Puppies, on the other hand, need a chew toy that is gentler on their still growing teeth. We’ve discovered the best of both worlds in the articles below.


Dental chews for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog Dental ChewsDid you know that you are supposed to brush your Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s teeth at least three times a week? Yep, dogs need their teeth and gums looking after just like us humans. In addition to a regular oral hygiene routine, dental chews can be a good resource to help prevent plaque and tartar and keep your dog’s mouth healthy.

Dental chews often come flavoured with peppermint, exactly like human toothpaste! Don’t be fooled though, as dogs have bad reactions to fluoride, so only ever use dog specific toothpastes and gels. Dental chews, if given in excess, can also be pretty calorific, so should only be used as an occasional ‘top-up’ to your dog’s weekly dental care.


Dog Toys for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog ToysWhat do a tennis ball, stuffed toy, piece of knotted rope and your old socks have in common? You guessed it, they are all dog toys. Obviously, some are more suitable than others to be used as a toy by your Staffy!

There is an overwhelming number of different dog toys on the market, all designed to do different things. Some will wear your Staff out, some will make him think and still others will allow you to have fun together by introducing a retrieving or tugging element to the proceedings.

We have investigated every type of dog toy you can think of and have come up with recommendations for the best kind of each category for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Check out the results below!

  • Overall best dog toys
  • Best rope toys
  • The best Indestructible dog toys for Staffies or any dog
  • Best interactive dog toys (and/or puzzle toys)
  • Best chew toys
  • Best tug toys
  • Best soft toys
  • Best ball toys
  • Best retrieving toys
  • Best toys for puppies


Dog Food for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Dog Food for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The food you give your Stafford is critical to its health and well being. When it comes to dog food, you really do get what you pay for. However, there are some cheaper brands that offer a good all-round diet for your dog too, as long as you supplement them with the correct vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive.

We have concentrated on commercial dog food brands in our articles, but of course you can choose to feed your Staffy a raw food diet. Never feed your Stafford with just human food and leftovers. This can cause malnutrition which can lead to some pretty nasty conditions and illnesses. Take a look at our suggestions for the best dog food for your beloved buddy below.


Outdoor Gear for Dogs

outdoor gear for dogsIn this section we bring you the very best in outdoor gear for dogs such as dog life jackets, dog gear for hiking and many more fantastic products for your active dog.


Best Clothing and Gifts for Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners

When it comes to proclaiming your love for all things Staffordshire Bull Terrier, then a nifty t-shirt or mug is a great way of expressing your adoration for all to see. Alternatively, if you know a Staffy owner who covets all things Staff related, then here is the place to find the perfect gift for them.

  • Best t-shirts for Staffy lovers
  • Best mugs for Staffy lovers


Best Training Equipment for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Training a Staffordshire Bull Terrier takes time and patience, as with any dog. Occasionally, you will need some additional tools and resources to ensure that the training reaches its full potential.

Whether you are training basic obedience using a clicker, or taking things to the next level with agility training, we have listed the top training equipment that you can find on the market in our list below.

  • The ultimate list of best training equipment for Staffies


Cleaning Products for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

No, we don’t mean special Marigold rubber gloves made especially for Staffy paws, or feather dusters that can be swished using a Staff’s tail. This section is all about the best products to clean your Stafford with. It also addresses how to clean up after your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with some great solutions to shedding fur and house training ‘accidents’ as well as the best shampoos and conditioners for your pet.

  • The ultimate list of best cleaning products for Staffies


Books about Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The internet, as we all know, can be a magnificent resource when it comes to researching your Staffordshire Bull Terrier. However, good old fashioned books also offer solid support to Staffy owners. Not only do they provide you with a single ‘story’ from experts in the field, as opposed to the internet where anyone can create a website, but you can also highlight key passages and return to it again and again.

It’s also easier to carry a book around when training your dog than a laptop, or a mobile phone that loses its 4G when you are walking in the woods!

  • The best training books for Staffie owners
  • The best general dog books for Staffie owners


Staffordshire Bull Terriers Grooming Products

Brush for staffiesStaffies aren’t a breed that requires a lot of grooming. Their short coats mean that you don’t need to spend endless hours brushing out tangles. However, every dog requires a grooming routine so that you can a) keep them looking their best and b) spot any changes in their body that may signify something is wrong.

Hair brushing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear checking and bathing all form part of your Staffy grooming routine, and we have listed the best products to help with it below.

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