Heartwarming Staffy Photos Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Day


    1. Sun worshiper

    Sleepy Staffy :’) 

    2. Beware of low flying dogs 🙂

    Beware of low flying dogs 🙂

    3. All the kisses

    All the kisses <3

    4. Staffy Snuggles

    Staffy snuggles

    5. When noone else laughs at your jokes. True love

    Have a smiling Staffie

    6. Happiest Staffy in the world

    Happiest Staffy in the World!

    7. How can you resist this face?

    She loves nothing more than to play fetch. She is a cross breed of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Jack Russell

    8. TEEF!


    9. When you turn your back for 2 minutes

    I turn my back for 2 minutes and this happens…