Best Harness For Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Staffy Harness

Want to find the best Staffy harness? Not sure which type of dog harness to get for your Staffy? Then you have come to the right place as we give you the low down on everything you need to know about Staffy harnesses. This article was written primarily for dog owners to find the best harness for staffies, however the dog harnesses reviewed here in this article apply for any breed of dog so you can find the best harness for your dog regardless of its breed and size.

We all know how important it is to walk your dog. Personally I walk my pack of dogs (7 dogs) twice a day and absolutely love it. Walking dogs has so many benefits from staving off boredom, to allowing them to release that extra energy, reducing destructive chewing and behaviour to ensuring optimum health and happiness in your dog. It is also a fantastic way to bond with your dog.

However some dogs are prone to pulling or lunging whilst out walking and using a dog collar when your dog pulls results in that horrible choking that can damage and cause discomfort to their neck. If your Staffy pulls whilst on the lead then I highly recommend trying a harness. You don’t have to try a non pull harness right away as just a regular harness usually is enough however if you find that your Staffy is still pulling with a regular harness then you could always try one of the non pull harness for Staffies we have listed below.

Our Top Pick

Julius-K9, 16IDC-P-2, IDC Powerharness, dog...
17,309 Reviews
Julius-K9, 16IDC-P-2, IDC Powerharness, dog...
  • Chest circumference: 71-96 cm, Weight...
  • Sturdy and easy-to-use harness from...
  • Interchangeable hook & loop patches...
  • Reflective edges and chest strap for...

Best Staffy Harness – Summary Table

This article will review the following best harnesses for Staffies.

Staffy Harness

Let’s jump right into which is the best Staffy harness. Below you will see our top pick followed by out runner up harness. We then take a look at the best no-pull harness for Staffordshire Bull Terriers and conclude with a buying guide giving you loads of great tips on how to choose the best harness for Staffies and what the different options are

Our Top Pick: Julius-K9 Powerharness Dog Harness

Price: £34.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Julius-K9 Powerharness
The Julius-K9 Powerharness is a superbly designed harness with its water repellent, easy to clean disinfectable material.

It has a heavy-duty buckle on the back of the harness and an extra handle on the top in case you need to quickly grab your dog in certain situations without causing discomfort.

The outer layer is scratch resistant and waterproof whilst the inner layer is designed to be breathable and has a load stability and comfortable weight distribution. There is also a heavy-duty plastic buckle on the belly strap and the chest strap has adjustable velcro fastening.

It has great visibility with the glow in the dark stitching all around the harness including on the front strap. Another great feature which is rather unique is the ability to add a customisable label on the side of the harness so you can have your dogs name or anything you like there.

Preview Product Rating Price
Julius-k9 Powerharness Julius-k9 Powerharness 17,309 Reviews £34.99


Our Runner up: Ruffwear All Day Adventure Front Range Harness

Price: Price not available | Buy now from Amazon

Ruffwear Harness

The Ruffwear harness combines both high quality and super sleek style, offering a fantastic harness for Staffies.

The Ruffwear All Day Adventure Harness is a rather deluxe option providing a padded chest piece which helps to relieve the pressure if your Staffy is a bit of a puller.

This harness gives you two attachment options; one at the front and one on the back. Four adjustment points allow for comfortable wear and higher mobility.

There is an ID pocket for you to keep dog tags that are safe and accessible. This is a really nice feature as some people worry about not having an id tag when using harnesses.

This really is a very smart dog harness that will make your Staffy look very cool, comfortable and safe!

Preview Product Rating Price
Ruffwear All Day Adventure Harness Ruffwear All Day Adventure Harness 7,558 Reviews


Hurtta Active Harness

Price: Price not available | Buy now from Amazon

hurtta active harnessWe are a big fan of the Hurtta Active Harness. Hurtta are a great company and consistently make high quality products and we have been using Hurtta products for many years and have always very impressed with them. Although this is marketed as a harness for active dogs, don’t worry your Staffy doesn’t need to be active to reap the benefits from this harness! At the time of writing this harness has 4.8 out of 5 rating on Amazon and loads of glowing reviews which is always a great indicator

Preview Product Rating Price
Hurtta Active Harness Hurtta Active Harness 306 Reviews



Price: £20.60 | Buy now from Amazon

Staffy Harness

The Fit Into Everyway harness is hugely popular on Amazon with great ratings. It has some great features whilst still priced very reasonably. It comes with two lead attachments (on the front and on the top) offering the option to use as a non pull harness if your Staffy is pulling by using the front attachment. it also has a handy handle at the top for that extra control when needed. We like the build and material quality which will give longevity. This snazzy little number comes in black, green and orange.


Preview Product Rating Price
True Fit Harness True Fit Harness 2,374 Reviews £20.60


EzyDog Classic Chest Plate Harness

Price: £23.99 | Buy now from Amazon

EzyDog Harness
Using the EzyDog Classic Chest Plate Harness will make your dog very happy during his walks and extra special as the harness is designed to give a custom fit for any dog with its self moulding chest plate resulting in extra comfort and really good load distribution. It’s easy to put on due to it’s one-click snap clip and has a unique seat belt attachment with quick release snap shackles making it an excellent choice for car journeys.

Preview Product Rating Price
EzyDog Chest Plate Harness EzyDog Chest Plate Harness 1,177 Reviews £23.99


Best Non Pull Harness For Staffies

No-pull harnesses are specifically designed to limit the pulling from your dog whilst on the lead. If your Staffy pulls whilst on the lead then try one of the following harnesses that may reduce their pulling, making the walk on the lead a much easier, less stressful and all-around a more pleasant activity.

Our Pick: Lifepul No Pull Dog Harness

Price: Price not available | Buy now from Amazon

lifepul harnessThe Lifepul No Pull Dog Harness should be the first port of call if you are looking for a Staffy non pull harness. There is an inbuilt handle that offers that little bit of extra control and soft padding for extra comfort.

An under chest adjustment means you can get the exact fit for your Staffy and also adjust as required if you want a slightly tighter fit or a more secure one.

The quality is good, it has fantastic reviews with many people amazed at how well it actually stopped their dog from pulling.

Preview Product Rating Price
Lifepul No Pull Harness Lifepul No Pull Harness 3,714 Reviews


Ancol Stop Pulling Dog Training Harness & Lead (Inc DVD)

Price: £19.12 | Buy now from Amazon

Ancol Stop Pulling Harness

The Ancol Stop Pulling Harness & Lead specifically designed to stop your dog pulling or lunging whilst walking on the lead.

It has the buckle on the side of the harness meaning when your dog does pull or lunge then he will swivel around to face you allowing you to control him. This takes away the focus of interest from the object of interest to you allowing you to train him to continue walking in the direction you were walking. It will eventually teach your dog to look at you and walk gently by your side.

It comes with a free training DVD clearly explaining how to use the no pull harness and the training methods to get the best results.

Preview Product Rating Price
Ancol Stop Pulling Harness Ancol Stop Pulling Harness 690 Reviews £19.12

Staffy Harness – Buying Guide

Dog Harness Or Dog Collar?

A very good question and I am sure everyone has their own opinion on this one. It depends largely on your dog and your situation. One of the main reasons people choose to use a dog harness over a dog collar is the fact that their dog pulls on the lead and therefore the collar causes discomfort on the dog neck. That horrible sight of a dog eagerly pulling whilst the collar is causing the dog to choke resulting in a lot of panting and some horrible noises. A dog harness is a great way to avoid that however please aware although harnesses will help a lot more that dog collars there is still the chance your dog will pull with a harness and cause that some discomfort. If your dog is still pulling and choking with a dog harness then you can consider a non pull harness which is specifically designed to limit a dogs ability to pull.

If you are interested in a dog collar then have a look at our article here – best dog collar for staffies.

If you are in need of a lead that is suitable for Staffordshire Bull Terriers then check out the following article for the best Staffy lead.

Different Types Of Dog Harness

These days dog harnesses come in all different sizes, colours and even different designs and features. From front clips, middle clips to back clips, harnesses designed to avoid pulling to extra comfort dog harnesses. Check out below to see which type of harness is best for your Staffie.

Back Clip Dog Harness

The back clip dog harness has the lead attachment located on the top of the dog’s back and is the most popular type of dog harness. Back clip harnesses are usually the most agreeable dog harness for walking a dog and easy and comfortable for them to get used to. They are especially suited for small breeds or puppies and are not designed specifically for heavy pullers so are a good option for dogs that don’t pull on the lead.


  • Easy to put on and the most comfortable to wear
  • Less chance of the lead getting tangled under your dogs feet with this type of harness.
  • More protection to the fragile neck area
  • They look great!

Front Clip Dog Harness

A front clip dog harness has the lead attachment located at the front of the dogs chest. This type of harness is usually a good option for dogs that pull whilst on the lead as the chest clip gives the owner more control over the direction the dog is going and allows the dog to be redirected more easily than a standard harness.


  • Designed to give more control over pulling, jumping or lunging.
  • The front clip location gives more control to steer the direction of your dog


  • You may find the lead gets tangled under your dog’s feet more with this type of harness especially when there is extra slack in the lead.

No Pull Dog Harness

I have put this in a separate category as non-pull harness don’t always have a front clip as some are located at the back too. As the name suggests non-pull harnesses are designed specifically to reduce pulling whilst walking on the lead. The way that the harness achieves these desired effects varies with different brands and designs so its best to wisely choose the best one for you and your dog.


  • Reduces pulling and other unwanted behaviour whilst walking on a lead.


  • Certain designs can look a bit cruel so make sure you do your research and choose one that isn’t too uncomfortable for your dog.
If you are interested in a collar then have a look at our article here – best dog collar for staffies