Best Dog Life Jackets For Active Dogs – 2017 Buyers Guides And Review

Best Dog Life Jacket

If your dog is anything like mine then getting a dog life jacket might not seem so strange after all. When you have an active dog like a Staffy or a Jack Russell etc then you know that they never tire of being outdoors, playing fetch and generally being active. Having a dog life jacket, even if it is there just incase, will give you more options when being outdoors with your dog. It expands your options in stimulating and having fun with your dog. Whether it being kayaking, sailing or just swimming having a dog life jacket will ensure they are safe whilst you are having fun in the water with your dog. Check out below the buyers guide and review of the best dog life jacket for your staffie and for any breed of dog on the UK market.

Best Dog Life Jackets – Reviews

So let’s take a look at the best dog life jackets for an active dog.

Top Pick

Ruffwear K9 Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

Ruffwear K9 Float CoatThe Ruffwear K9 Float is easily our top pick for the best dog life jacket. Ruffwear make REALLY good harnesses, collars, jackets etc for dogs and are well known for their superior quality compared to the rest on the market. The Ruffwear K9 life jacket is an example of how good this company is at making the highest quality products for your dog. When it comes to the safety of your dog then we think only the best will do, especially of you are undertaking potentially dangerous sports or activity with your dog. The Ruffwear K9 float is not cheap but you will know that your dog is safe with Ruffwear Life Jacket this dog life jacket. Just take a look at the ratings and reviews this dog life jacket has received on Amazon and you will know why it is our top pick for the best dog life jacket on the market.

  • Safety first – High quality materials, craftsmanship and design. It features a telescoping neck to ensure the life jacket fits all neck sizes securely.
  • Ease of use – It is both comfy for your dog and easy to put on. Simply put your dog’s head through the neck hole and fasten the buckle under the belly. The K9 life jacket comes with a Low-profile handle optimally positioned to help dogs out of water.
  • Durability – A high quality product that lasts and one that you can rely on. The main material used is a nylon fabric that will withstand water (of course!), sun and all the elements that you would expect with active outdoor activities.
  • Sizing & colour – The Ruffwear K9 comes in all sizes and is highly adjustable so you can rest assured you will be able to choose the right size for your dog. It also comes in some rather smart colours to ensure your dog looks the part! Choose between “Red”, “Yellow”, “Dandelion Yellow” and “Red Current”.



Best Dog Life Jacket – Runners Up

The next life jackets for dogs listed below are also great options to keep your dog safe in the water and are also of high quality material and craftsmanship.

EzyDog Dog Flotation Device

Another higher performance life jacket for dogs that has excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon. The EzyDog life jacket has neoprene straps and handle provides good support to allow you to lift your dog out of the water if needed. It also comes with a front float which is designed to keep the head out of the water. Reflective material will add extra safety when in low light situations. Choose the right size from five size available from extra small, small, Medium, large and extra large as well as two colours; yellow and red.

EzyDog Dog Flotation Device

  • Ergonomic Grab Handle
  • Unique ultra-buoyancy foam ensures your dog will remain afloat
  • Padded chest straps,Super Strong Nylon D-Ring to transport and secure your dog when required
  • Stainless steel D-Ring that won’t rust!


Outward Hound Kyjen Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Life Jacket also features grab handles for easy lifting of your dog out of the water. Reflective materials will give you that extra safety when in low light situations. Extra support to keep the head out of the water with the front float design.

Outward Hound Kyjen

  • Top grab handle for easy rescue
  • Front floats keeps your pup’s head above water
  • Reflective accents and bright colors for high visibility
  • Adjustable straps and neoprene belly band for comfortable and secure fit
  • Convenient grab-top handles allow easy rescue by hand or boat hook.
  • Reflective accents and bright colors for high visibility.
  • Fully adjustable chest and neck flaps plus quick release buckles.