Best Dog Food For Your Staffordshire Bull terrier

Best Dog Food For Staffies

Choosing the best dog food for Staffies or any type of dog can be a real minefield. The majority of food that is available, convenient and mass marketed to all of us is usually dog food that is generally bad for your dog and full of nasty ingredients and fillers.

So with that in mind we have put together a list of dog food (both dry and wet) that is healthy, that only contains good ingredients and does not include the usual artificial colours, flavourings and fillers. The food we have reviewed below may contain some names you have never come across but do give them a try… Your dog will thank you for it!

Each of the dog food reviewed below are listed on Amazon where you are able to read other peoples reviews and experience with them.

We have made sure we have only listed the best dog food for staffies, the kind of food we would give to our very much loved pack of dogs.

Best Dog Food For Staffies?

When trying to work out what is the best dog food for your Staffordshire Bull terrier try and remember:

  • A balanced diet
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Free of Preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  • Take note of Nutritional statements (e.g. Complete & Balanced), Labels and ingredient lists

We will go more into details on these items below but once you have a good idea on these items you are in a good position to be able to choose the right dog food for your staffy.

Nutritional Statements For Dog Food

Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) ensures that regulators have strict guidelines for dog food companies for what they claim on their food packaging and labels. So for example if a dog food company were to print “complete and balanced” on their packaging then that claim would have to have been validated in one of two ways.

  1. The products recipe or analysis of the ingredients have to meet the guidelines of the AAFCO for the Nutrient Profile. You can usually tell if this is the case if you see wording like this on the packaging; “(name of product) is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles”
  2. The second way not only fulfils the AAFCO Nutrient Profile but also undergoes controlled food trials with dogs. This would look something like this on the packaging; “animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that (name of product) provides complete and balanced nutrition”.


Reading The labels

In order to avoid misleading labels in dog food, the Food and Drug Administration have rules that adhere to the following structure:

  • The 95% Rule – If a dog food states it contains a single ingredient then it must contain 95% of that ingredient (not including water). For example in order for a product to be called “Beef for Dogs” at least 95% of its ingredients must come from beef.
  • The 25% “Dinner” Rule – If the labelled ingredient makes up between 25% and 95% then it falls under the “Dinner” rule.
  • The 3% “With” Rule – This would mean that the mentioned ingredient only makes up no more than 3% of the ingredients.
  • The Flavor Rule – The last rule means the label can include any meat it likes even though it doesn’t even contain a speck of that meat. As long as a detectable Flavour can be detected by specially trained animals.

Reading The Ingredients

Next we take a look at how to read the ingredient list. One important thing to bare in mind is that the list is ordered by weight. Ingredients that typically contain large amount of moisture such as beef, chicken, poultry or fish would usually be placed at the top of the list. However there maybe equally or more important ingedients lower down the list that don’t contain so much water such as Protein.

Carbohydrates In Dog Food

People generally believe carbohydrates in dog food are bad. They would be correct if too much carbohydrates are included, but a little bit of carbohydrates is good for dogs. Dogs can easily metabolize carbohydrates and turn it into enegy which is a great thing for Staffies who are always on the go.

Dogs don’t actually need carbs at all and can live a healthy life without them but a little amount can provide a good source of energy. The problem lies when there is too much in the food. A sensible source estimates that a natural ancestral diet would contain around 14 percent of carbs in their diet. Compare this to todays dry dog food that contains an average 46% to 74% carbohydrates. You can see the problem there. So the key is to choose a dog food that contains only a little.

Introducing New Food To Your Staffie

Some dogs don’t like change to their routine and that can apply to their food. You could spend hours choosing a new food for them only to find they turn their nose up at it on first sight (or sniff!). So a good way around this is to introduce the new food gradually by mixing it in with the old food and slowly increasing the amount you give until you have completely changed over. The little sweethearts won’t know a thing!

Wet Dog Food Or Dry Dog Food?

The wet or dry food questions is a popular one and we think it is the easiest to answer. Why not both? We recommend mixing the two together. We have always mixed wet and dry food along with freshly prepared food together and our dogs have the most beautiful coats, are healthy and very happy doggies as they are getting a very balanced diet.

Generally a good wet dog food is more beneficial than a dry dog food due to the fact that it will contain more meat protein, less carbohydrates and fewer preservatives due to the fact it is sealed air tight. However as we recommend mixing both wet and dry food you should look at the two combined together and the balanced diet it can bring

Best Dry Dog Food For Staffies

Dry dog food or Kibble as it is also known as, is convenient, good for dog’s teeth and provides important nutrients that dogs can’t get elsewhere, and when mixed with wet food or freshly prepared food, can provide a very good balance to your staffies diet.


Wagg Worker Complete

wagg dog food

An impressive option for the low price tag. Wagg Worker Complete with Beef and Veg has no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours.


Harrington’s Complete Lamb and Rice

Harringtons Lamb And Rice

Harrington’s Complete Lamb and rice flavour rich in Omega 6 & fatty acids, citrus antioxidants and even contains Nutrient rich kelp. No added wheat, no diary, no soya and no artificial colours or artificial flavours. We like the sound of that!


Arden Grange Adult Chicken Dog Food

Arden Grange Chicken Dog Food

Staffies need a lot of protein and Arden Grange Adult Chicken fits the bill! Due to its high proportion of Chicken ingredients at 45% it means there is a lower level of carbohydrates. High quality, human grade ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Pero Staffordshire Bull Terrier Food

Pero Staffordshire Bull Terrier Food

Designed specifically for Staffordshire Bull Terriers Pero SBT is 100% hypoallergenic and free from wheat & gluten. Promotes joint care and the kibble shape is designed for extra dental health care. Made from British chicken and veg.


Lily’s Kitchen Adult Chicken & Duck

Lily's Kitchen Chicken And DuckThe ultimate option when it comes to the best ingredients. Lily’s Kitchen Adult Chicken & Duck contains 38% of Freshly Prepared Meat (Chicken 31% Duck 7%), full of Fruits, Vegetables and Botanical Herbs with no derivatives, preservatives or fillers. They only use freshly prepared meat and no dried meat or meat meals. Just 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. Simply fantastic quality dog food!



Best Wet Dog Food For Staffies

Wet dog food typically contains more meat protein than dry dog food and generally contains less carbohydrates and therefore is generally more expensive.  Also due to the fact that wet food is packaged air tight they usually contain less preservatives which is very important as a lot of the lower quality dog food is packed with way too much preservatives.

Lily’s Kitchen Beef, Potato & Vegetable

Lily's Kitchen Beef, Potato & Vegetable

Proper food for dogs! 60% freshly prepared beef with organic fruits veg and herbs and contains no derivatives, preservatives or fillers. This grain free dog food really is top notch.



Naturo Duck and Rice

Naturediet ChickenWith up to 60% duck meat the Naturo Duck and Rice with Vegetables will give the protein your Staffy needs. THey combine 4 key food groups to provide a natural and healthy balance with 100% natural ingredients and no added colours, flavours or preservatives.



Burns Penlan Chicken, Brown Rice and Vegetables

Burns Penlan Chicken Brown Rice and VegetablesThe Burns Penlan Farm Range are ethically produced and use most of the ingredients from their farm. The high quality ingredients promote good health and as they try and replicate the traditional way of eating for dogs.


Nature’s Harvest Lamb

Natures Harvest Lamb

Nature’s Harvest is formulated to match a dog’s natural diet by using top ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added. Special ingredient such as Salmon oil and yucca extract are added to support joint function and a healthy digestion plus herbs and vitamin C are included for their antioxidant properties.



Forthglade Natural Menu

Forthglade Natural MenuWith 75% meat and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no soya, wheat gluten or bulking agents the Forthglade Natural Menu is an excellent choice for a healthy and nutritious diet. The multi pack comes in Chicken, Lamb and Beef to ensure a yummy variety for your staffy.



So we there we have it; a list of the best dog food for staffies that only contains healthy options that don’t include all the usual nasty ingredients.

Remember that combining wet dog food and dry dog food as well as some freshly prepared meat can provide a very good balanced diet giving your Staffy all the important nutrients they need to continue being the very best dogs that Staffies are 🙂

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