Best Dog Beds For Staffies – Comfy, Durable And High Quality

Dog beds for Staffies

In this article we take a look at all things dog beds! Specifically looking at what is the best dog bed for Staffies, what to look out for and how to choose the most comfy Staffy dog bed.

As with many other products that are similar to dog beds, you may think the price will rise with the standard of quality. But not so! You will be surprised in how affordable high quality, great dog beds are. However having said that we know not everyone has the kind of budget available that matches their dream dog bed that they want to buy for their loved dog. So with that in mind we have also included some fantastic options that fit the lower end of budgets. Look out for the category below called best cheap dog bed for our pick of best cheap dog beds for staffies.

We also have the best luxury dog bed category for those that are able to splash out and really treat their pooch. Some of the dog beds listed here really are super and your Staffy really will thank you for it!

Perhaps it is durability you are after? We all know dogs loves to chew on things. Once they have started chewing on something it often means they want stop until its demolished! So we have also a great option for you below under the durable dog beds for Staffies section.

What’s Important When Choosing A Dog Bed?

Nothing is worst than spending ages choosing the best dog bed, you can’t really afford it but hey, it’s for your very much loved dog and so you go ahead anyway. The very much anticipated dog bed arrives and you get your dog all excited whilst unwrapping it. You pull out the dog bed hoping he/she will jump right into it… But instead he takes one look at it, then takes a look at you and trots off very unimpressed! Blast! Or perhaps your dog really likes the dog bed and sleeps in it everyday but after a short while the cushion part of the bed is now flat or your naughty Staffy has chewed a hole in the side within days.

Too avoid these (doomsday) scenarios lets quickly point out a few things to look out for when choosing the best dog bed for your Staffy. These are also pointers that we used to help choose the best of the best for you!

Customer reviews – It may seem obvious to point this one out but customer reviews are REALLY handy when it comes to choosing the best dog bed. A company can have a load of really impressive sounding headlines and promises but what it really comes down to is; Do dogs like it? Does it last? Is it comfy? Is it easy to clean and maintain? Etc etc. A quick look at the customer reviews can usually answers most of these questions within minutes. It can also highlight any unforeseen issues or problems that customers have had with the dog bed.

This is one of the main reasons we have only listed dog beds from Amazon, as the customer reviews from Amazon are invaluable. We would only considering suggesting the dog beds that have received the best reviews and rating.

Comfiness – It’s got to be comfy! Dogs are amazing and most dog owners adore their doggies and so its important to ensure they are in heaven every time they lay down their sweet little heads 🙂 Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping so we might as well make it as nice and comfy as possible for them. We have suggested for you below a few luxury dog beds, that are little bit more expensive but you know what? Actually the luxury dog beds are not that more expensive. For an extra £10 to £20 you can buy your Staffy real Luxury!

Durability – An important one here. The quality is got to be good and made from high quality materials otherwise the dog bed may not last very long at all. The customer reviews come in handy here again as this is often an area which is highlighted for negative or bad reviews.

Removable and washable covers – For us a dog bed that has covers that can be removed and machine washed is a basic requirement. It just makes life a whole lot easier and will prolong the life of your dog bed.

So there we have a few important factors to lookout for when choosing the best dog bed. lets now take a look at our suggestions that your Staffy is going to love!

Cheap Dog Beds For Staffies

Here you will find the best cheap dog beds for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They may not look as plush and luxurious as the others further below but they are all fantastic value for money and of course all have rave reviews on Amazon.

Bunty Deluxe Washable Dog Bed

Bunty Deluxe Washable Dog Bed

The Bunty Deluxe Washable Dog Bed is a real hit on Amazon with 4.6 out of 5 starts and over 3600 reviews. With stats like that there must be a good reason right? Yep it’s a great bed and all those happy customers felt strongly enough to say so! We also like the fact that it is mad in the UK. The Bunty dog bed comes in 3 colours (blue, brown and cream) and the following sizes; Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. It is machine washable (up to 30 degrees) which is nice and handy.

With its cheap price and glowing reviews we think this is a super dog bed for your Staffy.



Bunty Mocha Soft Washable Fleece Dog Bed

Staffy dog beds

With 4.6 starts out of 5 from 417 customer review on amazon (at time of writing) we had no hesitation about putting this Bunty bed under the best cheap dog bed category. For the low price tag it is a great dog bed and judging by the rave reviews your Staffordshire Bull Terrier will love this dog bed. It comes in two colours, brown and cream, and the following sizes; small, medium, large and X large. The soft suede material, cotton high quality filling and high density foam back which offers good wrap around support all makes this an excellent Staffy bed.


Luxury Dog Beds For Staffies

Now for a bit of luxury! We all want the best for our beloved doggies and why not treat them a little to a bit of class for that extra bit of comfort they deserve.

Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Dog Bed

Wolfybeds Dog Bed
Wolfybeds are a leader when it comes to comfy beds and as you can see from the positive reviews the Luxury Fleece Cradle gets on Amazon you can be sure your Staffy will really appreciate this luxury dog bed. Wolfybeds dog beds also look great in your home as they both look stylish and extremely well made and give that extra touch of class. They look so comfy you may even find yourself trying it out for a little nap! With a dog bed this good, the covers are fully removable and washable ensuring a long lasting, quality dog bed that your Staffy will love!

For the price tag we cant find a better dog bed. The quality of the materials, design and patching and the amazing comfiness you would think it cost more! A great dog bed and for us the best dog bed in our list.


Knuffelwuff Heaven Dog Bed

Knuffelwuff Heaven Dog Bed

Once you try a Knuffelwuff heaven dog bed you can instantly realise why they have given it that name. Its a great dog bed and thanks to it’s high quality materials, super soft 16cm cushion and insulated back and sides your Staffy will literally feel like he is lying on a cloud. Pure Heaven! Like the above Knuffelwuff dog bed the covers are removable and washable making it easy to clean and again it is made to be robust and last and comes with an anti slip bottom.


Knuffelwuff Paw Dog Bed

Knuffelwuff Paw Dog Bed

Wow! Just wow. Now this is a cool dog bed! Your staffy will feel like a king/queen sitting upon their throne with the Knuffelwiff Paw dog bed. The design of this very special dog bed doesn’t just look great it is also REALLY comfy and luxurious. This dog bed is designed to be robust and is scratch proof to protect itself from the usual wear and tear that dog beds are usually put through. The covers are replaceable and washable making cleaning and maintaining nice and easy. Another nice touch is the fact that it has a non slip bottom giving it that extra stability and robustness. Oh and the bottom is also insulating helping to keep your Staffie nice and warm and cosy. It definitely is a little different but gosh it certainly is a comfy luxurious dog bed that your Staffordshire Bull Terrier will shower you in licks for!

In case the funky paw design is just a bit too wacky for you then you may consider the options above this one.



Durable Dog Beds For Staffies

Lets take a look at durable dog beds for Staffies. This dog bed has been chosen for its durability, good design and longevity.

Snugpaws Luxury Easy-Clean Washable Dog Pet

Snugpaws Dog Bed

The Snugpaws Luxury Easy Clean Dog Bed can quite rightly be proud of the word “luxury” included in its name thanks to its super thick and extremely snug fleece outer layer. What we really like about this dog bed is its durability. Its one of those dog beds where it just works really well! The outter sides are designed to be extra bolstered to give your Staffy a bit of extra support for when he/she rests their head on the sides. Again as the name suggests the coves (both inner and outer) are removable and washable.

It’s the extra durability touches however that really make this dog bed a top pick; water resistance, a wipe-able outer layer, no slip base for that extra grip to the floor,. Reinforced double stitching and surged seams that will extend the life of the bed and protect it against the everyday wear and tear that a Staffie can bring. A nice extra bonus to the durability factor is the concealed 2 inch Velcro fastenings which means no zips! A very nice feature as dogs do love to have a little nibble on dog bed zips. For the price range, this dog bed really does offer that luxury feeling as well as a sturdy durability giving it more longevity.



So there we have it. We hope you find the information and suggestions helpful and you find the dream dog bed for your Staffy. We have tried to bring you a broad range of options so we can cater for all the needs of our readers.

In terms of which is the best dog bed for you? Well if I were to go and buy a dog bed today then it would be the Wolfybeds Fleece Cradle dog bed. It has a fantastic price especially for the extremely high quality and it really does look great! It’s nice and big so your Staffy can really stretch out and get comfy. A top bed for a top breed of dog 🙂