Adopt A Staffy

Thank you for considering to adopt a Staffy. Staffies are the most wonderful breed and sadly a breed that is undergoing various problems in the UK. Staffordshire Bull Terriers have seen massive growth in popularity in the UK which brings with it a rise in breeding and farming. They also suffer from a huge misconception about their behaviour and often thought of as aggressive or not suitable for as a family dog. This of course is completely wrong, and they make a wonderful family dog full of love, affection and loyalty.

We are working on a new widget that will list Staffies who are available for adoption in the UK, however in the meantime please find below some useful links to some fantastic Staffy adoption charities and organisations that are dedicated specifically to helping Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They are working tirelessly to help the breed in all the areas they need, such as adoption, support, funding and education.

They are all fantastic charities!.